Started my love with *nix in my age of 16 when my schooldays reference textbook for C(Balagurusamy’s C) devoted a small section for compiling C under unix. I am curious to know howto compile C under another OS other than Windows*. But that hunger ended there after I jumped to the final year of my higer schooling.

As usual I finished my school days and  just like all the youngsters, I also want to study BE, But I landed in Muthurangam Government Arts College(Vellore), studying B.Sc., computer Science. Here is where that deep hunger started again.

I have a bad habit to forget what I don’t like. Thats how I left my regular vomiting studies in my college. In the mean time, I spent reasonable time in my college library, reading weekly magazines(Kumudham, aanandha vikada, etc) and sometimes Technical books. My first books is “Running MS-DOS” by “Van Wolverton”, then switched to linux/unix books like “Linux for dummies” by “Jon Maddog Hall”, then “Unix complete reference”, then…

I spent more times with these books rather than my regular course books. These books somehow converted me to learn *nix, but there is no way I can practice those commands. Not even a single machine in my surrounding have Unix/Linux at that time. It was a dream for me that one day I will sit in front of an unix terminal and execute all the commands I gathered from those books.

In my final year of college, I came to know about free unix servers which are available in internet and anyone can use them for practicing unix commands. Then I registered with couple of servers, the first one is ‘cyberspace.org(www.cyberspace.org) and the next is ‘freeshells.ch'(www.freeshells.ch). I settled with ‘freeshells.ch’ and have my own stupid home page(www.freeshells.ch/~mohan34u).

Freeshells.ch helped me to learn more about *nix and internet. Whenever opportunity comes, I tend to start quick ssh/telnet session with “freeshells.ch”.  I want to say thanks to those folks in ‘freeshells.ch’ for giving there server to guys like me who don’t have oppertunity to practice unix.

Then, my sweet college days were over, and I battled with my confident for nearly 1 year to get a good job. After the Roller Coster turning point days, I settled in a reputed IT company as a fresher and here I am as an assistant system engineer who’s job is to `grep ‘shit’ *piles_of_logs*`.

From the books to Solaris servers, I enjoyed and enjoying every moment with *nix and Open Source.  FreeBSD is my first Unix I used in ‘freeshells.ch’, RHEL is my first Linux used in my office and Puppy(linux) is my favorite distro I tweeked for my needs. Open Source is giving lot of things to me and I also want to give back something  that I can.

Thats why I started this blog. Here you can find my struggles and pleasures I’m facing while creating a pet package. I hope, these pet packages will help puppy to bark loudly.


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