nmap 4.68 with zenmap pet package

August 4, 2008 at 10:01 pm (pet_packages)

Finally I compiled nmap with zenmap. This is how I did,

nmap 4.68 with zenmap dependencies

nmap 4.68 with zenmap dependencies

Problems Faced:

While opening zenmap, I encountered “Sqlite3 module not found” error. From by findings, This problem occurs when using Python 2.5.1 and Sqlite 3.6. To resolve the issue, I compiled Python 2.5.2.

With nmap 4.68 single pet package, ‘nmap’ command line program will run. But you need to download necessary dependency packages to run zenmap. If you encounter any problems, download all the dependency packages I created for nmap 4.68 and install it, then try zenmap.

Lesson Learnt:

Thanks to ‘Geeko’ to teach me how to Build packages with ‘DESTDIR‘. Before I saw your post, I use –prefix=”`pwd`-i686/usr” with ‘./configure’. But I faced lot of problems while installing the builded files in seperate directory. Variables in ‘/usr/lib/pkgconfig/<pkg>.pc’ files are stored in a manner that all of them pointing towards the temporary subdirectory which is created for pet package.

So, here is the steps I used to compile sources and install builded files in a subdirectory.

1. Untar the source tarball.
2. cd to extracted directory.
3. ./configure –prefix=”/usr”
4. make
5. make install DESTDIR=”`pwd`-i686″. This will create <package-name-with-version-i686> directory.
6. cd ..
6. prepare-dir2pet <package-name-with-version-i686>. ‘prepare-dir2pet’ is a small script I created to generate file names in <package-name-with-version-i686> directory with full path.
7. dir2pet <package-name-with-version-i686>.
8. Thats all.

I also noticed. When I install a pet-package for the first time, all the files moved into their corresponding main directories correctly. Then I uninstalled, again I reinstalled that same pet-package, But this time, the files are not moved correctly. But after uninstall, I rebooted the machine and then I installed that same package, now the files generated correctly. Is this a bug in unionfs? Where do I need to report?

nmap 4.68 with dependency packages:


Download Link: http://freeshells.ch/~mohan34u

I think I also successfully created PyGTK pet package. I hope this will help someone.



  1. Michl said,

    Hi Mohan,

    Great package !
    Any plans to compile the 4.17 version for Puppy
    in near future ?
    I’m looking for the new topology feature in it.

    All the best,


  2. nmap-4.76 with zenmap pet package « mohan34u’s Weblog said,

    […] this time I compiled the nmap-4.76 with zenmap without any problem. I already compiled all the dependencies for 4.68 version. you can find the details from my previous post […]

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