tcpdump pet package

July 26, 2008 at 5:10 pm (pet_packages)

Hi there

This time I compiled tcpdump-3.8.1. For this, I used which I already compiled. Its a straight away job. Steps are given below,

1. untar source tarball.
2. ./configure –prefix=”`pwd`-i686/usr”
3. make all
4. make install

The above steps will create tcpdump-3.8.1-i686 directory. If some errors showing ‘pcap_debug’, I have the details in my previous post. I hope it can clarify. Then, I came out of tcpdump-3.8.1 directory and executed the below.

5. prepare-dir2pet tcpdump-3.8.1-i686
6. dir2pet tcpdump-3.8.1-i686

Thats it. I have for dingo(puppylinux 4.0).

Package Name:


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